Welcome to Oxhill House Hostel


Our values and objectives working with homeless people. Oxhill House has four clear objectives which are at the root of everything we do: To prevent homelessness and the exclusion that embeds it, To alleviate homelessness, exclusion and provide hope, to assist personalised recovery for homeless and excluded people and to influence policy that affects homeless and excluded people.

  • Our aim is to bring hope to the lives of homeless vulnerable people who have, for many reasons, fallen through the gaps in society and who feel they have.. Read More

    Every person who seeks help from Oxhill House has a different and often tragic story. We ensure that we help restore hope and provide bases to rebuild lives.. Read More

  • We offer immediate assessment and accommodation in order to help service users in tackling their issues quickly and putting an end to their street living.. Read More

  • Our vision is that everyone should have a decent place to live, to be free from homelessness, enjoy good health, build relationships and have something.. Read More







The initial service was set up by the Director Of Operations who had a background of working in Adult Care, Mental Health and Homeless Services.

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Oxhill House continued to progress with an increase in staff team in order to meet the increase in beds which were now operating at 37 beds.

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We continue to improve and expand its business in providing quality supported accommodation to the homeless vulnerable people of Birmingham.

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