My name is Daniel. I came to Oxhill House about 4 months ago following breakdown of my relationship. This resulted in me being homeless and sleeping rough on the streets. This was the worst experience.


My name is Ivan. I have been at Oxhill for 5 months after coming out of prison. I am very happy with the help Oxhill staff have given me. They have been very helpful and understanding.


My name is John. I came to Oxhill a few years ago following breakdown in my relationship. If it had not been for Oxhill then I would have ended up on the streets and would have been in a bad way.


Craigs Story - I came to Oxhill House in January 2012. I self referred myself to Oxhill as I came before but I was not at a good stage of my life so i didn't accept the property. I am from the West Bromwich area and I got into trouble there and became depressed. I knew i had to get away. I never had any personal possessions as my ex girlfriend had burnt them all. I came to Oxhill House and the staff here have supported me to stay out of trouble and get back on my feet. I have since budgeted my money and started to build my clothes etc back up. I have discussed with staff about moving on and I am also volunteering with them. I want to help people and prevent them going down the same route as me. Oxhill House has helped me so much I cant thank them enough.







The aim of OXHILL HOUSE is to provide quality accommodation and support to residents. We help prepare individuals so that they can live independently in their home and the staff will help support them in every aspect of day to day living. Our friendly staff will support all individuals signed up to the support programme and work with each individual to establish and identify their needs. This will then form a holistic assessment of need, comprehensive risk assessment and support plan/ care plan of need.

Our staff are trained to identify any barriers that will stop the individuals from leading a stable and productive life and the staff will support each individual to overcome these barriers and support them so that they can manage their problems and still lead a stable life and maintain a tenancy.