Oxhill House takes referrals 5 days a week. Statutory and voluntary organisations residents need to be fully mobile, 25+ Age and have low needs. To secure accommodation they will need proof of income, identification. DSS and Benefits Welcome. Please call 07500 903972/ 0121 240 3691 if you wish to see if a vacancy is available.


Oxhill House started. Initially with only 4 bed spaces.

The initial service was set up by the Director Of Operations who had a background of working in Adult Care, Mental Health and Homeless Services. It was his personal interest to set up the service with a dream and ambition to provide a quality service for homeless vulnerable individuals. To grow the service ensuring that the service provision continues to meet the aims and objectives it set out to deliver from the outset.


Oxhill House obtained it's first contract with a Housing Trust.

This allowed the service to begin its initial steps in growth. The service began to operate with 12 beds and two partners as full time support workers.


Oxhill House began to expand further.

The bed spaces where increased from 12 to 28. A full time senior support worker came on board. The service began to further develop and good working relations where developed with statutory and voluntary agencies in the community. The service began operating now in the Handsworth and Erdington Area.


Oxhill House continued to progress.

Oxhill House continued to progress with an increase in staff team in order to meet the increase in beds which were now operating at 37 beds.


Oxhill House homeless referral rate had increased

Service provision continued to be delivered at a very high standard. good working relations where set up with Police, Alcohol and Drug Agencies. Probation and health nurses in order to continue to provide a high level of support service to our residents and support them to continue to live an independent life in the community.


Oxhill House established a new contract with an RSL Landlord.

This again brought opportunity for further growth and as a result the service provision was increased. The bed space was increased to 44 beds and staff structure was changed. The service took on a few more support workers to ensure that the level of supported is continued at a high level across all the properties and residents.


Oxhill House continues to look to improve.

Oxhill House continues to look to improve and expand its business in providing quality supported accommodation to the homeless vulnerable people of Birmingham. We currently are looking to take on a further 64 beds this year. Also we will be looking to increase our staff structure and will be recruiting new support workers, health and safety and a quality control officer in order to continue to meet the demands and regulations when providing a high standard of supported accommodation service.