Oxhill House welcomes any form of donation in supporting and helping
us to continue to provide the necessary support to our residents.


Oxhill House welcomes anyone who would like to come and help out at
the Hostel. We initially would ask you to pop in once a week to observe what tasks and activities are carried out at the hostel.

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If you have a passion and interest in helping support homeless vulnerable at the Hostel, then please make contact with the hostel manager and offer your services.

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How Donations Help Oxhill House

Oxhill House welcomes any kind of donations which would continue to help us deliver the service to the Homeless people in the West Midlands and surrounding areas. Please contact the hostel manager Javid Rasul on 07985117787 if you wish to make a donation or offer assistance to Oxhill House Hostel.

Donations can be in the form of:
- Money
- Food
- Clothing
- Bedding
- Furniture
- Cutlery/pots and pans
- Carpets
As a private hostel  rely on donations from within the local community to help sustain the  work we do and help us continue to reach out to
the lives we do.






How Can You Donate?

1. Online – Please click the link below to our secure online gateway provided by Paypal. Any donations are appreciated and although you can donate anonymously we would like to be able to thank you so leaving your details would be fantastic. You deserve it!

2. Directly in person – You can drop in your donation in person to either: a. Oxhill House Hostel Office b. By post to the registered office address.